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Baker, Ernest M

  Birth: January 3, 1920 
Death: N/A 
Force: Royal Canadian Army 
Unit: 2 Field Regiment, 10th Field Battery 

Ernie Baker was born into a family of five boys in Meaford, Ontario. 

When the war broke out in 1939, Ernie had already been serving in the local reserves for three years. However, he was too light (only weighing 109 pounds) in 1939 to join the military, so he was forced to wait until 1941 when he had acquired more body mass. 

He married Jean Alice Wilcox prior to being shipped out in 1942. He remembers meeting his wife while on a sleigh ride, and says “it was love at first sight.” 

He was a gunner for the 2nd Field Regiment, and is proud of his ability to fix the guns. He spend the majority of his time fighting in Italy, but in March of 1945 he moved through France, Belgium and Holland until the end of the war. He remembers that he was still engaged in fighting ten days after the war, because of a lack of communication. Due to the points system, he waited longer than most of his friends to be deported back to Canada. He witnessed some of the vandalism and wild behaviour that ensued with Canadian boys having too much time on their hands while waiting to go home. He eventually made it back to Meaford, Ontario and still lives there today. 


Photocopy of Canadian Army Certificate of Military Qualification

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