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Markdale Cenotaph

  Markdale Cenotaph

The Markdale cenotaph was erected in 1923 in the Markdale Cemetery. Three large stone plaques were provided by a group of local citizens interested in commemorating the men who served in the First World War. One of the plaques contains the names of the men from Markdale who died in battle and the two other plaques contain the names of those who survived and returned home. In 1971, the original plaques were moved to behind the Royal Canadian Legion in Markdale when the vault in the Cemetery was relocated. A small brass commemorative plaque was also placed at the local library. Around the same time a committee began raising money for a cenotaph to be erected in front of the Centre Grey Hospital. In 1979, the cenotaph was unveiled and in 1983, the three plaques joined the monument. A smaller memorial was also erected near the Municipal building.

Names on Memorial:
These Gave Their Lives In The Great War of 1914 -1918
H.M. Armstrong
Fred Bassett
W.R. Bowen
Mat. Bradley
Wallace Brett
Tom. Cavanaugh
Alex. Clark
Albert Comber
Russell Dennison
Walker Gibson
Jos. Halbert
Fred. S. Halbert
Ed. Howey
Ernest Noyles
Edgar Hutchinson
Lloyd Kirktown
Elmer Kinnear
Gabriel Lee
Wallace Mathewson
Taylor Martin
S.H. Martin
John Morrison
Frank McFadden
Leonard McFadden
W.J. McKissock
John McLeod
Clifford Proud
N.A. Seabrook
A.L. Sewell
Cecil Sparrow
C. Sutherland
Osborne Tweedy
Bruce Walker

These From Markdale and Vicinity Served in the War 1914-1918:
Miss Laura Adams
John W. Adams
W.H. Armstrong
Harry Beckerley
Fred Beighton
Emerson Bellamy
L.D. Binns
Leslie Boyd
Stanley Boyd
A.V. Bowen
Henry Bradley
Wm. Braniff
S.R. Breadner
Preston Beattie
Norman Bridge
S.H. Buchanan
Lloyd Burnside
Wm Butterfield
Ronald Comber
R.A.M. Cook, M.D.
John Craven
James Crowther
Gordon Davidson
W.M. Davis
Thos. Davis
Miss May Devitt
G.S. Dundas
A.S. Eagles
Gordon Foster
Harry Foster
Wm. Foster
George Foy
Gordon Fraser
T.R. Freeman
Oscar Gillespie
Albert Givens
Ted Givens
Wm Gregory
T. Gallimore
J.A. Gawley
J.H. Gibson
T.E. Gibson
Raymond Gregory
James Gould
K.R. Haskett
G.W. Haskett
Jack Hatton
Addie Holley
Benjamin Holley
James Holley
Porter Holley
Herbert Holley
Harold Holley
Bert. Holley
S.F. Hunter
H.B. Hutchinson
Rhesa Jackson
Ralph Johnston
Kenneth Johnston
J.P. Kelly
M.E. Kelly
Bert. Kinnear
Willis Kinnear
Russell Kirk
Fred. Kirkton
Ed. Kleist
R.F. Knowloen
Wm. Laird
Adam Lawrence
E.A. Lee
Joseph H. Lee
J.B. Legette
J.H. Leslie
A. Levi
Norman Levi
J.A. Levi
Walter Loucks
G.F. Lucas
Ken. Lucas
J.B. Lucas Jr.
George MacPherson
Lyall Mathewson
Fred. Mathewson
H.H. Mercer
C.F. Mercer
W.D. Mercer
H.S. Merriam
A. Merrifield
J.H. Middleton
John MacDonald
A.J. MacDonald
Jos. McClung
H.F. McEachnie
Melville McKay
J.G. McGee
J.N. McInnis
Elgin McLean
Thos. McLean
C.E. McWhinney
A.H. Noble
H.E. Perkins
Ronald Phalen
W.J. Plewes
John Price
Wm. Radcliffe
Ernest Ritchie
John Ritchie
Alex. Shute
Jos. Stafford
Alex. Stewert
Robt. Stewert
Melvin Steer
Wes. Stoddart
Alex Telford
Robert Telford
Wm. Telford
J.S. Thibaudeau
J.S. Thompson
W.H. Thompson
George Thompson
Angus M. Torrie
C.E. Walden
W.H. Wall
G.H.B. Walker
R.W. Walker
Will. Walker
James Walker
J.W. Ward
Harold Watson
Robt. Watterson
Wm. Wells
Harold Welsh
Lucas Welsh
W.H. Whiteoak
Richard Whitney
Elmer Wiley
Morley Williams
Roy Woods
Stanley York
Stanley Young
A.E. Wyville
Issac R. Elder

J. Bennett
A. Brown
W. Dixon
E. Edmunds
R. Fitch
M. Fugere
K. Gemmel
A. Cameron
H. Whitney
D. Graham
J. Leitch
A. Macaulay
R. McFadden
J. Stewert
L. Wilson
W. Wyvill
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