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Priceville Cenotaph


The Priceville Monument was unveiled on October 4, 1921. It was created to commemorate the lives of the deceased soldiers who fought in the Great War 1914-1918, and later names were added for those who died during the Second World War 1939-1945. 

Our Fallen Heroes 1914-1918 

Goldwin Patterson 
John H. MacDonald 
Robert McMeekin 
Dan McNalty 
James Whyte 
Donald L. MacKinnon 
Thomas L. Mather 
Issac A. Pinkerton 
Irvine MacArthur 
Alex MacVicar 
Archibald A. MacKinnon 
Neil J. MacMillan 
Robert E. MacLean 
Henry C. MacIntosh 
Colin MacLean 
Daniel R. MacKinnon 

Our Fallen Heroes 1939-1945 

T. Orval Harrison 
Lorne F. MacArthur 
W. Marvin Sturrock 
J. Garfield Whyte 
Lloyd V. Whyte
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