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Ledrew, Donald

  Birth: N/A
Death: N/A 
Force: Navy 
Unit: HMS "Woodstock" 

Don Ledrew was sixteen years old when he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Navy. He did not actually want to serve in the Navy, he wanted to get out of war work to start a career as an illustrator of magazines. 

He thought that due to his young age he would be rejected by the Navy, but surprisingly, because his father was a driving instructor for the military, he was accepted and sent from Toronto to HMC Woodstock to begin his basic training. 

Don served from June 1945 to March 1946 on Vancouver Island. He worked primarily at submarine detection on the North Pacific. He remembers one time when he and some friends had been denied shore leave due to bad behaviour, but decided to steal a harbour craft and visit Victoria anyway. While on shore they ran into their Superior who had denied them shore leave. He hardly batted an eye, he simply informed them to head back to the ship immediately. Don and his friends did as they were told and nothing was mentioned about the incident again. 

Don now lives in Flesherton, Ontario and is an active member of the Fleshertson Royal Legion Branch 333.