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Eugenia Cenotaph

  After the First World War ended and the boys who survived the war had come back to Eugenia, Mrs. Adam Smith and Mrs. William Wilson, spearheaded the initiative to have a memorial erected to the soldiers from Eugenia who did not return home. Both women had lost sons overseas.

S. Borland of Collingwood was commissioned to design the monument which was officially dedicated on July 21, 1921. It was one of the first monuments to be erected in this area.

Names on Eugenia Cenotaph:
Walter Fisher
Fred. Smith
Emerson C. Smith
Dave Armstrong
Robert Leoopard
Johnson Howard
W.J. Bullivan
Robt. Bell
Wes. Wilson
Chas. Roy
Earl Parliament
Stanley Parliament
Fred. Fisher

1939 Overseas Veterans 1945
D. Cairns
A. Martin
D. Magee
G. Stewart
G. Helmkay
R. Clark
B. Campbell
M. Williams
J. Jamieson
N. Williams
F. Partridge
J. Park
W. Jones
E. Boyce
W. Scorer
G. Croft
E. Croft
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